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*BTC is Bitcoin and ETH is Ether. This is the US dollar conversion of this cryptocurrency. Some Car Coin Market dealers accept Cryptocurrency for full or partial payment. Please check with individual dealer.

Welcome to Car Coin Market

Car Coin Market brings the future of purchasing a car or truck to the now!  This new format where we bring you the buyer, directly to the seller in your local market streamlines your purchasing process by matching your interests to the right local dealer, making your purchase hassle-free.  By directly matching up what you want with the participating dealer that has what you want, the price is better, the process is easier, and best of all, you get to spend the day showing off your new car instead of spending your day at the dealership!  Shop our site to connect with any number of our forward thinking auto dealers and you can be sure to have a transparent and friendly experience.

In addition to making your car buying process better, we also price all of our vehicles in both Bitcoin and Ethereum giving you insight into the most exciting new technology today.  Every Car Coin Market partner offers easy terms, bank financing and some may share in our future vision of completing your purchase using Bitcoin.  We believe in the power of community and invite everyone to share in an online network to give accessibility and purchasing ability to all consumers in the automotive marketplaces.  Welcome to the future of car buying!